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Full Suite of Amazon Seller Analytics Allows You COMPLETE CONTROL of Your Business

LIVE Sales Updates

Watch your sales stats, ranking, and profit LIVE thanks to HelloProfit’s top-notch technology.

Visualized Data

Complicated Excel Sheets? Need a PhD in Math or Data Analysis? No More! Simple graphical view allows you to UNDERSTAND your data: easy & fast!


One Platform, One Tool – Attend to ALL of your needs as a seller in one place. No more need for 5, 10, 20 different tools!

Unparalleled Support

HelloProfit is community driven software. We rely heavily on the feedback of our users. Your voice matters!

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On average HelloProfit users have a profit margin of nan%.






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Meet Your Profit with These Tools

Multiple Merchant Accounts

{: See it All Together}

Finally, you can view ALL your sales & profit data from different merchant accounts from ONE comprehensive dashboard.

  • Know Your Numbers

    Get the high level information you need right at your fingertips. Then drill down to understand exactly what is impacting your profits.
  • Go Deep

    Drill down by Merchant, Marketplace and Date. Get the details you need at the level you need them.
  • Product Tiles

    At a glance, get an high level view of your sku level data.

Multiple Merchant Accounts

Setup multiple merchant accounts across multiple regions

Access Merchant Stats

View an aggregate of all merchants and export the details

Near Real Time Data

Various data points synced directly from Amazon at regular intervals

Start Making
Informed Decisions Now!

Measure Individual Product Growth

{: Break it All Down & Customize Your Own Groups}

See aggregate stats on exactly the products you want by grouping your products, for example one product line only, or FBM products only, etc. Hide data you don’t need, and feature areas you need to focus on for growth.

  • Full Price vs Promo Sales

    Analyze how well your promotions are performing in comparison to your full price sales.
  • Detailed Breakdown

    Use the itemized breakdown to quickly identify transaction types per SKU that needs your attention.
  • Track Your Sales Rank

    Monitor your sales rank to determine the progress of your marketing efforts.

Multiple Brands? No Problem!

Group products from one brand together, then see stats for just those products.


Finally see performance of all FBA or FBM products together, or from a certain supplier.

Finely-Tuned Overlaps

One product can be in multiple groups, for example “FBA”, “women’s” and “summer seasonal”.

Finally See Data in
Crystal Clear Groups

Smart Filters

Optimize campaigns to recommended metrics or your own customized pre-sets.

Easily Adjust Keywords

Right in the app you can add, edit, pause keywords and change bids

Tweak Budgets & More

Adjust keyword bids, campaigns & budgets all conveniently in-app.

Discover Your TRUE Profitability of
Sponsored Products Ads

Eye-Opening Payout Reporting

{: Drill Down to Get the Details}

Know & analyze the financial heart of your Amazon business with clear, organized, aggregated reports bi-weekly. See where every dime lands: for individual ASINs, and for your account overall.

  • Breakdown Per SKU

    Get a details breakdown of your Amazon transactions SKU by SKU, ASIN by ASIN.
  • Get Your True Profit

    Get your true profit by including your product, ship and sponsored ad costs.
  • Income & Expenses Grouped

    Your income and expenses are grouped logically allowing you to hone in on areas that need your attention.


See each product’s fees, costs, returns, ad spend and more in ultra-precise detail.

Export for Your Records

Conveniently export this data for your business partner, accountant or business buyer.

Track Each Dollar

Ad spend, refunds, chargeback refunds and other fine details are all laid out clearly.

Eye-Opening Details at
Your Fingertips

Critical Notifications Instantly

{: Instant Access to Data Changes}

Sudden spike (or drop) in your sales velocity? Lost Buy Box? HelloProfit is the first to notify you if sales lie outside of your customized parameters.

  • Maximum Daily Sales Velocity

    Get notified when a product reaches the maximum daily sales velocity you’ve setup per SKU. Tools to help you understand how your marketing efforts are working.
  • Maximum Hourly Sales Velocity

    Get notified when a product reaches the maximum hourly sales velocity you’ve setup per SKU. Information you need to protect your inventory.
  • Minimum Sales Velocity

    Get notified when a product doesn’t sale the number of units you expect in a configurable timeframe. Instant notification that something may be wrong with your listing.

Multiple Merchant Accounts

Setup multiple merchant accounts across multiple regions

Access Merchant Stats

View an aggregate of all merchants and export the details

Near Real Time Data

Various data points synced directly from Amazon at regular intervals

Get INSTANT Notifications about Critical
Changes to Your Amazon Account

How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

{: Know Your Customer’s Worth}

Leverage previous order information to grow your business FAST! Easily search orders by ANY query you can imagine.

  • Repeat Buyers

    Knowing how frequently your buyers are purchasing your products is invaluable information. Make informed decisions to increase your repeat buyer sales.
  • Monitor Refunds

    Determine which buyers are frequently refunding. Find buyers and orders that have refunded but haven’t returned the unit and haven’t been reimbursed.
  • Take Notes

    Managing customers and orders can be daunting. Make notes on buyers and orders so you never forget why you refunded or sent a buyer a new unit.

Quick Smart Search

Sift through hundreds of thousands of orders with just a few clicks.

Track Promotions

Search for all orders redeemed with a certain promo code or order value.

Valuable Off-Amazon Insights

Are most of your customers in one city or region? Make informed decisions how to reach more customers.

Gain Powerful Customer Insights.
Track Every Order.


Before you sign up, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions right here

When I sign up for the FREE Trial, what do I get?

With your 21 day FREE Trial, you’ll have FULL ACCESS to every tool in HelloProfit, so you can know your true profits at overall merchant & drill-down ASIN levels. Your data will only be capped to the previous 4 weeks.

With paid subscriptions, all data available in your Seller Central account (up to 2 years of sales data, 60 days of PPC data) will be reported.

Is HelloProfit better suited for new or experienced Amazon sellers?

HelloProfit is the backbone of performance analysis for both the new & seasoned Amazon seller.

As a new seller, your HelloProfit account grows with you as you add products and their corresponding landed costs, keywords & details over time. The toolset will keep your profitability numbers in crystal clear view, accessible 24/7, to guide your key decisions at this critical time in your growing business.

Experienced sellers know that the bottom line of the company is comprised of the bottom line of their many individual SKUs. All can be clearly tracked for granular optimization over time. Keeping laser-focus on profitability among many products & variations can be daunting even for successful, advanced sellers, yet remains crucial to continued, greater success.

How is my net profit calculated?

To enjoy the full power of HelloProfit, you’ll first set up each product in your HelloProfit account by following the simple tutorials provided. HelloProfit incorporates the information you provide (such as product cost, FBA inbound shipping cost, & FBM shipping cost) along with the information it automatically gathers from your account via Amazon’s own secure API.

HelloProfit even accounts for the smallest details – Those extra expenses such as your professional seller account fee, aggregated costs of coupon redemptions & lightning deal fees are deducted in a special area to calculate your net profit with laser accuracy.

The result is a clear yet detailed organization of facts and figures about each product, each ASIN, and your merchant account as a whole. While HelloProfit is best known for revealing your true profits, you’ll also clearly see your ROI, profit margin, and a host of other business-critical metrics on both the product and account levels.

Live sales data – How often does HelloProfit update data from my Seller Central account?

Data is pulled from Amazon & displayed to you as soon as Amazon makes it available.

Interestingly, in most cases Seller Central does NOT published this data right away on the business reports. However,  HelloProfit has pulled & displayed this data right in the interface. This is another reason so many merchants love HelloProfit.

Further, in cases like promotional data, HelloProfit shows you every promotion redeemed within MINUTES of each sale (as opposed to Seller Central’s 24 to 72+ hour delay in many cases).

Do you also connect with international Amazon marketplaces?

Yes. The following regions are supported: .com, .ca,, .de, .fr, .es, .it, & .mx.

Can HelloProfit display my profits in ONE currency even though I sell in different marketplaces?

Yes, in your Dashboards and Payout Reports the different currencies will be converted and shown in the default currency you’ve chosen for your account.

However, in your Order List, each individual order will be listed in its original currency.

FBA, FBM or Vendor – Which is best to use with HelloProfit?

Because HelloProfit connects to Amazon Seller Central accounts, it’s perfectly suited for both FBA and FBM sellers.

At this time, HelloProfit does not integrate with Vendor Central.

Is my data safe & secure?

HelloProfit is built for sellers and we realize that confidentiality is critical. HelloProfit is built in an SSL secured environment: your data is SAFE.

For complete security & privacy, our support team requires your approval even before logging in to assist you. The success of HelloProfit has been built on our solid foundation of trust with our valued customers. We take every precaution to ensure your trust is maintained: both to comply with HelloProfit’s own ethical code, but also because the success of our entire business depends on this basis of trust.

I have multiple Seller Central accounts – Do I need multiple HelloProfit accounts?

No. Additional Seller Central accounts can be added to your main HelloProfit subscription at a reduced rate of only $29 each per month.

Safely switch between merchant accounts in a few clicks. Your multiple seller accounts are never IP-linked because each data set is pulled independently through Amazon’s approved API, then rendered together on your screen. This allows the efficiency & convenience of viewing aggregate sales & profits across your multiple seller accounts.

Will I be able to import older data (3+ months previous) when starting my HelloProfit account?

Yes. Simply upgrade to a full membership after starting your FREE trial, and you’ll be able to pull in sales data from the past 2 years.

Remember: Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC) data is only available in Seller Central for the previous 60 days, so upgrade now to keep your PPC data in your control & avoid any historical PPC data loss.

Is there a cancellation period, like 1 month or 7 days before my next monthly subscription payment?

No, but you can cancel or pause your account at any time. Just get in touch: help[at]

How can I see sales stats for a custom group of products?

You can easily create custom groups for whatever products you like, then view statistics on that specific group within the Product Dashboard.

Bonus: You can also view stats on more than one group at the same time!

Can HelloProfit track Lightning Deals and promotions?

Sure thing. Use the Smart Search function in your Order List to filter by the Lightning Deal’s sale price and sale date.

Once the promotional orders ship, they are also reported in the Main Dashboard as “promo orders” right alongside your organic and PPC sales.

I have questions, how do I get in touch?

Email help[at] or click on the little chat icon in the lower righthand corner of this window.

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