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Amazon’s Changing FBA Storage Fees (and Increasing Them, Too!)

If you were one of those Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) sellers who moved lots of old inventory with Lightning Deals before those long-term storage fees hit — it’s time to change your gameplan. Long Term FBA Storage Fees Will Be Charged Monthly   There are two types of FBA storage fees: short term and long

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Amazon Inventory Management
K. J. N. Phifer

How Your Amazon Reserved Inventory Affects Your Bottom Line

Most Amazon sellers, in the frenzy of adjusting PPC bids and retail price, overlook one hugely business-critical aspect: inventory management. More over, Amazon reserved inventory may not be considered at all. Going out of stock on Amazon severely hurts your ranking. Even slow assimilation of your goods into FBA warehouses can do some damage; it

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Amazon Inventory Management
Marcin Hashevsky

How these Tools Help You Restock Your Amazon FBA Inventory Effortlessly

This helpful advice comes from Marcin Hashevsky, serial entrepreneur, successful Amazon seller and systematization coach. Marcin helps Amazon sellers systematize their business so they can spend less time on day-to-day operations and more time on vision and growth. More on Marcin here: Tools that Let Your Amazon FBA Business Practically Run Itself Right now,

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